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Amazonoffer2BALANCEtrak is a scalable applicant tracking technology designed to organize hiring activities around getting the hire you desire. With unlimited users, companies use BALANCEtrak to centralize and bring order to their entire hiring process. So whether you have multiple departments, locations, or people involved in your process, HR Professionals can manage it all from one central location. Communicate tasks, get approvals, document applicant dispositions, schedule interviews, send emails, post jobs, and initiate the background screening process...all from the heart of your applicant management system-BALANCEtrak.

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See first hand how BALANCEtrak leaves your job seekers with a positive and stellar experience. Potential applicants tend to abandon the application process when the system they are using is unattractive, outdated, or hard to use. Ultimately resulting in companies losing desired talent. From the career page to the application, BALANCEtrak has several applicant-facing tools that make it easy for the user to complete your application.

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About Berkshire Associates Inc.
Berkshire Associates is a human resources consulting and technology firm that specializes in helping companies build their ideal, balanced workforce. As an industry leader, we specialize in applicant management, compensation management, affirmative action, workforce planning, diversity, and professional training. Since 1983 we have serviced this nation’s most recognizable companies; and as a result we have mastered solutions that work for our clients. Through our expertise, we will deliver results that successfully and continually work towards building a balanced and equitable workplace.