How to Speak the Language of Veteran Recruits

Posted by Berkshire Associates on July 28 2015

For recruiters looking to hire Veterans, it helps to know how to interpret their résumés.

When Veterans are looking to rejoin the civilian workforce, it will undoubtedly take some adjusting. Unfortunately, Veteran unemployment rates are significantly higher than the national average. Though things are improving due to stricter government regulations and awareness, The Washington Post reports nearly 10 percent of recent Veterans are jobless. But that doesn't mean these individuals are unqualified—in fact, many of them are ideally suited for certain roles and responsibilities. So why aren't more organizations hiring Veterans?

The problem may have to do with a breakdown in communication. Sure, recruiters and Veterans may speak the same language, technically. But that doesn't mean they understand each other the same way. Military service takes on a different form than experience in internships or the workforce. Recruiters must make an effort to translate Veteran skill sets into meaningful assets for the workforce. In doing so, they'll benefit Veterans, organizations, and the workforce at large.

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How to Hit a Home Run With Your Diversity Hiring Efforts

Posted by Berkshire Associates on July 24 2015

Every company should make hiring for diversity a top priority.

One thing every organization should have is a diverse workforce made up of professionals from all backgrounds. The more a company can hire employees who possess a wide variety of knowledge, perspectives, and traits, the better off that organization will be. Don't hire for diversity to fulfill a requirement—do it because it makes good business sense. You can influence diversity at your workplaces by taking these steps in the recruitment process:

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Implementing Your Affirmative Action Program: How to Put it Into Action

Posted by Cindy Karrow, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Senior HR Consultant on July 21 2015

Developing a compliant and accurate Affirmative Action Program (AAP) is only one part of a yearlong story. This story has many parts, and it is important to pay attention to each one of them for your AAP to be successful. Most of us do not want to leave a job unfinished, and that is the way to think about your AAP. It is not really done until it is time to start the AAP process again.

The laws that govern affirmative action have always referred to an AAP as a program, and after countless years of calling it a plan, many of us shifted to also calling it a program. The name implies, there is more to an AAP than nice, neat binders on the shelf, or a set of electronic files on a server. There is a program to be implemented. Programs have parts. In the following article I will examine the parts of AAP implementation, and the value of those parts when you consider the big picture.

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Going to the 2015 ILG National Conference? Visit Berkshire for Some Awesome Compliance Resources!

Posted by Lauren Collinson on July 21 2015

Berkshire Associates is headed to New York to meet with HR and compliance professionals for this year’s ILG National Conference. Stop by our booth to find out why we’re the leading compliance solution provider—and also get exclusive ACCESS to our awesome HR resource library!

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An HR’s Guide to 5 Critical Features in an Applicant Tracking System

Posted by Patti Mascone on July 21 2015

In today’s technology driven world, both the applicant and prospective employer have numerous options for connecting—both in the devices used and the websites visited. With the abundance of these new applicant tracking technologies comes the responsibility for employers to focus on tools that connect them effectively with the right candidates. There are also critical needs for employers to evaluate, track, and manage large pools of applicants at various stages until they approve the right candidate for hire. For federal contractors and other employers, there is a parallel tracking need to collect data on applicants for compliance with federal and local regulations.

One way to effectively manage these responsibilities is with an applicant tracking system (ATS). An effective ATS allows employers to focus on finding the hire they desire while keeping track of the data they need to meet the latest compliance regulations. But with so many ATS on the market, how is an employer to know which will work best for their organization?

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Mid-Year Review: OFCCP Audits and What to Expect

Posted by Lynn A. Clements, Director, Regulatory Affairs on July 21 2015

As the rest of the world slows down for summer, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) activity appears to be speeding up as the agency enters the last three months of its fiscal year, which closes September 30. Here is a mid-year review of the latest audit activities and what to expect in the months to come:

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HR Technology—if You Don’t Get it…You Don’t Get it!

Posted by Coriana Spencer on July 21 2015

applicant tracking software Today’s HR professionals are responsible for a variety of tasks—handling everything from the recruitment process and outreach efforts, to completing affirmative action plans (AAP). To assist the increasing responsibilities of HR professionals, there is the growing trend of using HR technology. In fact, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) uses the term “e-HR” which describes “the transformation of HR service delivery using web-based technology.” While the thought of being required to have both basic and technical HR skills might be intimidating, have no fear! The right technology will be of great assistance when streamlining processes and will actually ease the load of daily operations. Below are a few of the processes you can complete by making use of the latest HR technology. Read More

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Compensation Compliance: What You Need to Know about Item 19

Posted by Andrea Csordas, PHR, SHRM-CP on July 21 2015

If you’re a federal contractor, it's likely you've seen Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ (OFCCP) revised Scheduling Letter. One important item that should catch your eye is number 19—the request for compensation data. Though this requirement was in the old letter, the changes to the revised letter are extensive. The good ole’ days of just submitting average salary data is over. So, Let’s review important changes you need to be aware of when it comes to compensation.

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BBQs and Successful Recruitment: What Do they Have in Common?

Posted by Berkshire Associates on July 20 2015

Believe it or not, HR professionals can learn a lot about recruiting by thinking of it like a barbecue.

Nothing beats a good cookout during the long summer days. When it's a company event, it's even better—a chance for co-workers to relax, enjoy their time together and mingle with other departments. But there's more to a barbecue than good food, cold beverages, and fun in the sun. What can these events teach HR professionals about recruiting? As it turns out, more than one might initially think. Here are three aspects that overlap the two topics.

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The Five Biggest Recruiting Mistakes Organizations Make

Posted by Berkshire Associates on July 16 2015

Organizations often make mistakes during the recruitment process. Be sure to avoid these five common errors in your own recruiting practices.

The recruitment process can be challenging for organizations, but it's an investment in their own success. In other words, companies that take the time to initiate a thorough applicant search using all the strategies, steps, and recruiting software necessary will land the top candidates and set themselves up for the future. With that said, one of the best ways to know what to do is to learn what not to do. Listed below are five common recruiting errors organizations make:

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